Treatment Services

The staff at CPS is trained and familiar with a number of treatment interventions which can be applied to assist children/adolescents and their families. We follow a biopsychosocial model to diagnosis and intervention. There are several common aspects of treatment within the practice.

First, it is the typical case that the family is involved in the diagnostic and treatment process. In the diagnostic phase there is always an interview with the parents and a feedback session to delineate the concerns and identify a treatment plan. Parents will commonly be involved in the sessions either as active participants or being provided with an update of what treatment methods are being utilized and what goals are being addressed. It is the goal to assist parents in developing a better understanding of what is taking place for their child and how to address areas of concern.

It is always a goal to work in conjunction with other professionals. When necessary and appropriate the therapist will maintain contact with other people who are also involved with the child/adolescent. This may include the classroom teacher, other professionals within the school setting or in the community. When needed there will also be contact with the child/adolescent’s pediatrician, neurologist or psychiatrist.